The YMCA Special Youth Camp is an annual camp organised by the YMCA Deaf Teens and Deaf Youth Clubs with minimal assistance from Staff/ Volunteers. Started as a community project in 1990, it is now an annual project for our Deaf Teens/Youth. 

In August 2004, the KL YMCA Deaf Teens Club and Young Achievers’ Club will once again co-organise this year’s Special Youth Camp. After their successful collaboration co-organising, on behalf of the Malaysian Coalition for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse, the Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Week from 29th May 2004 to 1st June 2004 at the Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, the teens from both club have gained much confidence in working together. As such, it is only natural to continue this exemplary spirit of working as a team on another challenging yet eventually satisfying project. 

This Camp is organised for “special youths” - youth with epilepsy or Down’s Syndrome, slow learners, the mentally challenged, and physically challenged. Students from the following Homes/Institutions have benefited from participating in this 3-day special camp - Bethany Home, Wisma Harapan, PDK Selayang , Persatuan Kanak Kanak Istimewa, Kajang and Asia Community Service. 

The Camp aims to provide these “special youths” a unique opportunity to share in fellowship and to work together, helping one another develop and improve self-esteem, self-confidence, self-determination and greater self-reliance. The Camp is also a platform for Leadership Development for the Deaf Teens/Youth. They are involved in programme planning, decision-making and implementing their plans and the various activities. On occasions service groups like the Rotary Club has rendered their services. It is also an opportunity for interaction between the Hearing Volunteers and the teens/ Youth with Special Needs and also the staff/ caregivers to network with one another. 

A variety of programmes are planned to achieve these aims – interactive skills games, group recreational activities, nature and environmental activities, obstacle course and water-based activities.  

Some of the activities in the Camp include: 

·         Games/Tele-match/Water-based activities –canoeing, swimming, etc, to instil team spirit and working in partnership

·         Teambuilding activities – to build confidence, develop skills

·         Games Carnival – to practise their skills in tasks, like decision-making, counting, and have fun while doing so

·         Crafts – to express their creativity and artistic abilities

·         Talent night/ campfire – fellowship and sharing of their talents

·         Nature exploration – discovery and appreciation of surroundings 

Through these activities, the campers, in spite of differing abilities, are able to interact and mutually benefit from participation in them – each in their own way.  

The Camp is a unique experience of CARING and SHARING – in ONE big, happy family, where NO ONE needs to feel left out! 

KL YMCA Deaf Teens Club and Young Achievers’ Club hope that the public will come forth to support by giving financial donations or sponsorships of prizes and other essential items. 

Group activity – building sand castle
To promote creativity

Learning about environment and flora

Group Obstacale Course – to promote self-confidence and teamwork

Campfire / talent night – to promote fellowship & interaction