Since 1996, the Young Achievers have been exposed to a variety of activities besides the weekend TV production work. They have attended courses; seminars and workshops; training; educational tours within and outside the country; and representing Malaysia in important meetings. They are also a group of responsible and caring citizens who take up social issues seriously and passionately. Find out what are their prides:

YEAR 2005

HH Camp Sports Carnival.

July - The YAs and their associates participated in several games during the HH Camp Sports Carnival taken place on 31st July 2005 at YMCA Kuala Lumpur. This was one of the many Deaf Youth activities that YAC participated in. This year in conjunction with the 30th Anniversary YMCA International Deaf Youth Camp, the Handicapped In Hearing Sports Carnival was organized by the YMCA. The YAC took part in competitions such Street Soccer and Basketball and many other cultural games and telematch. During the night the YAC attended the Charity Dinner at Holiday Villa. They cherished the memories of interacting with deaf youth from countries such as Vietnam, Taiwan, India, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia and China.

English Day Out in Janda Baik, Pahang.

June 10th - 8 Young Achievers and 10 of their associates from Sri Cempaka School conducted a one-day programme called "English Day Out" (EDO) with the children from Sekolah Kebangsaan Janda Baik, Bentung, Pahang. 50 primary 4 to primary 6 students from the school participated in the programme and they have benefited a lot from the activities. The activities began with an ice-breaking ceremony, followed by interactive usage of English in games and songs within the school compound and around AmanRimba. The activities ended at 6pm with prize giving ceremony. The Young Achievers and their associates spent a couple of days in AmanRimba during the event. The participating YAs were Amanda, Jennifer, Marisha, Melissa, Adila, Sarah and Khairul.

CSAAW 2005 Conference Participation.

May 27-28th - The Young Achievers participated in CSAAW 2005 (Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Week 2005) at Tropics Shopping Centre, Damansara Perdana. This year's event was a conference organized by one of the partner in MCPCSA (Malaysian Coalition for The Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse) entitled " Awareness To Action : Advocacy Within The Communities". The YAs who are partner to this Coalition, participated in the launching event as Emcees and as conference participants. The YAs were the only youth representatives in the 2-day event that saw the participation of 250 participants from around the country. At the end of the event, the YAs came out with their own action-plan, which will be implemented by them alongside the adult partners of the Coalition. YAs who participated were Amanda, Jennifer, Adila, Anthony, Melissa, Marisha. Brenda, Sarah and Darshana.

Leadership In Real Life (LiRL) Training Graduation.

Jan - The Young Achievers completed their 2004 training programme entitled " Leadership In Real Life" (LiRL) under the guidance and coordination of Ms Janet Lee, their in-house trainer. The graduation ceremony was held at AmanRimba, in Janda Baik, Bentung, Pahang. The YAs spent one day doing final assignments prior to graduation and on graduation day parents and siblings joined them in an outdoor graduation ceremony. This ceremony ended a 3 yearlong intensive training by the YAs, which focus on different values for each year. (Click here for lots of pictures)