YEAR 2002

MCPCSA Gala Dinner  

20th December 2002 bore witness to an evening of grand events, as the Golden Kids Club rised-up to stand against Child Sexual abuse. As one of the 23 active partners that form the Malaysian Coalition for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse or MCPCSA, the GKC has had the privilege to organize the 2002 Gala Dinner held especially to bring awareness about Child Sexual Abuse to the public. (more) 

Children' s Forum in Seoul  

As a follow up to his previous trip to the UN General Assembly in New York, Senior Young Achiever and child rights advocate Khairul Azri, attended a Children' s Forum held in Seoul, Korea. (more) 



UN' s Special Session for Children


In the month of May, Senior Young Achiever and child rights advocate, Khairul Azri Sabri, with eleven other children, made a journey to New York, USA, to participate in the United Nations Special Session for Children, held on May 8th ' - 10th. (more) 



1901 Hotdog Business         

In the month of March 2002, the GKC decided to run the 1901 Hotdog franchise business at their schools with the collaboration of its franchiser - 1901 Sdn Bhd. The schools, Sri Cempaka Cheras and Sri Cempaka Damansara, proved to be just the right location to set up the hotdog stand, as it immediately became the centre of attention for pupils attending the schools.   (more)


Sri Cempaka Cheras Scholarship Awards GKC

January 12th was a memorable day for 15 GKC Young Achievers as they were awarded full scholarship awards to attend Sri Cempaka Cheras, at the beginning of the academic year of 2002 worth RM8,000 to RM10,000 per child annually.