Graduation ceremony in Paya Indah

24th January 2003 was an eventful night to remember for the Young Achievers as they graduated from the stimulating workshop themed " If it' s to be, It' s up to ME, I am GKC conducted by the inspiring duo, Aunty Janet and Uncle Sunny, as they are fondly known.  

The memorable event was to commemorate the graduation of 18 Young Achievers after the 8-month long workshop, which ended in Paya Indah. Tearful and emotional moments were shared as the procession was held, where parents and family members gathered to express their feelings towards the achievement of their child.      

Special awards were given to four young achievers. Amanda received the Great Transformation award, Hazwin received the Love award, Yue Mei was awarded the Responsibility award, and finally, Jennifer was given the Courage award. Intended to inspire, this graduation ceremony is one of the many events that marks the success of the Young Achievers.