MCPCSA Gala Dinner  

20th December 2002 bore witness to an evening of grand events, as the Golden Kids Club gave rise to stand against Child Sexual abuse. As one of the 23 active partners that form the Malaysian Coalition for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse or MCPCSA, the GKC has had the privilege to organize the 2002 Gala Dinner held especially to bring awareness about Child Sexual Abuse to the public.  

Emceed by GKC' s very own Khairul Azri and Andrea, the night unfolded with special performances by the GKC kids, which includes a drama/play showcasing the struggles of children who are sexually abused, the abusers, and its traumatizing effects on victims. A musical performance was also presented to woo the hearts of those present with the soothing melody of classical music. 

The Gala Dinner has triumphantly raised RM 400,000 for the coalition, making the noble effort a blessing to the GKC.