1901 Hotdog Business     

In the month of March 2002, the GKC decided to run the 1901 Hotdog franchise business at their schools with the collaboration of its franchiser - 1901 Sdn Bhd. The schools, Sri Cempaka Cheras and Sri Cempaka Damansara, proved to be just the right location to set up the hotdog stand, as it immediately became the centre of attention for pupils attending the schools.

Taking turns to help sell the food products at the stand, the GKC' s were trained beforehand prior to handling the business. To better ensure that the franchising goes well, the kids have set up a committee dedicated to seeing to the effectiveness of their business.  

For the first six months of operation, the GKC' s have managed to raise RM 30,000 by selling several kinds of delicious hotdogs and beverages during school lunch breaks. As part of a caring move towards charity, the GKC donated RM 15,000 from the profit they reaped to MCPCSA for the Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Campaign.