Japan Prize

Hello kids, I am back from Japan.

I was in Tokyo for 6 days to represent the Golden Kids Club website, which made its way into the finals of the first Multimedia category in the prestigious annual Japan Prize Award. The newly established Multimedia Competition aims to encourage and honor excellent production methods in educational and cultural TV programs created in conjunction with Internet websites and CD-ROMs or DVD-ROMs.

Autumn in Tokyo is beautiful. Cold by our standards but refreshing nonetheless. Our entry was the only finalist from Malaysia. A total of 23 entries from 10 countries (Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Sweden and ourselves) have been submitted this year, 16 in the Web Category and 7 in the Package Category.

On Monday, November 12th, 10 finalists, including GKC, gave a 20-minute presentation about the entries, followed by Q&A in front of all the participants including an international panel of judges.

Our presentation was held in an auditorium of NHK in front of an audience of more than 100 people from all over the world. Each presentation and project was unique and excellent. The jury even had to take extra time to judge the projects. You may check out the projects below, just click on the hyperlinks provided to view the other finalists and winners - sites.

Have fun checking the pages out.


Corrine Lim
Head, GKC Virtual Club



Electronic Field Trips to Colonial Williamsburg: Flames of Freedom
Colonial Williamsburg Foundation


TechnoGames : BBC Robot World
United Kingdom

Logo : A wall through Berlin
ZDF - Germany

NHK- Japan

The Nook
TVOntario - Canada

Wingbeat - Vingeslag
DR- Denmark

Golden Kids Club

Submitted entries that didn' t make the finals

A Biography of America

In the Mix:What' s Normal? Overcoming Obstacles and Stereotypes

Behind the Glass: The Cincinnati Art Museum
WCET (Greater Cincinnati Television Educational Foundation)

SAT-CHATS (Science and Technology Chats) : Sea-Chat
KLVX Communications Group

Water Hits The Books: Wasting Water

Round the Twist: Whirling Derfish
Australian Children' s Television Foundation

Nature Works
WENH (New Hamsphire Public Television)

Education for the third millennium :The Acting School: All the world is a stage
BR (Bayerischer Rundfunk)

SR/UR - Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company