The Outsiders

The Outsiders is a very interesting book told in first person by Ponyboy Curtis, a gang member of the 'Greasers'. He is fourteen years old and lives with his older brothers Darrel and Sodapop. His best friend and also gang member,Johnny Cade, kills a member of the rival gang (for self-defense) and Ponyboy and Johnny go into hiding with the help of the toughest member of the 'Greasers', Dallas Winston. They're hiding in the country when they see a church burning down. They hear that there are some kids in the church so Ponyboy and Johnny go in to save them. They manage to save all the kids but while Johnny was trying to jump out the window the roof colapsed and hit Johnny on the back leaving him paralized and with a third degree burn.


Ponyboy managed to get out safely. Days later Johnny dies. Dallas can't take the pain since Johnny was the only person he's ever loved. He decided to rob a grocery store. He was being chased by the cops when he turns around and pulls out an unloaded gun. The police don't hesitate to shot and leave Dallas dead on the ground. Ponyboy witnesse all this and becomes sick. Weeks passed and he is still depressed but decided he can't stop living because someone else did. He continues school but has bad grades. His English teacher tells him to write a composition on anything he wants. Ponyboy decides to write about his events with Johnny and the whole gang.


The Little Prince
by Antoine De Saint-Exupery

I would recommend this book to anyone. It is a sincere, imaginative story, full of memorable situations and characters. It is a simple children's story, with a fundamental message that is simple and timeless. For me that message is: be loyal to yourself and those you love, and don't allow yourself to become corrupted by "adult" concerns (greed, lust, power, conformity). Of course, the book is open to interpretation and elaboration, which is part of what makes it so wonderful.