Prince of Blood by Raymond Feist

Set in a time of elves, magic and kings, Raymond Feistās book, Prince of the Blood is the inspiring story about the effort of two spoiled, foolish princes to stay alive in a strange, foreign kingdom. They soon find out about real life when they are separated. One of the brothers, Erland, finds himself a guest of the Empress of Great Kesh, the ruler of this kingdom. He enjoys a life of luxury. He is troubled, however, because his brother and he have never been apart before. Whereas, Borric, the elder brother, is captured by barbarians on their way to Great Kesh. He escapes capture and learns what it is like to be a commoner. Throughout the book, he tries to make his way to the capitol, to royalty, and his brother. This book shows the difference between what commoners and royalty do in society. It points out ways that each group can learn from the other.

A Proud Taste For Scarlet And Miniver
by E.L. Konigsburg

This book would probably be most interesting for older children to young teens because the book is easier to understand if you're an older child or young teen. It's a story about a woman name Eleanor and her time in heaven. She and three other friends are all in heaven, talking about the old times.

The setting is in heaven, even though when Eleanor, Abbot Suger, Matilda-Empress, and William the Marshal tell their tales the setting becomes France, England, or even the Aquitaine. The theme in this book is what the author thinks of heaven. All the events that have something to do with Earth are simply told about, rather than lived through by the characters. Their stories tell of her first marriage to King Louis of France, her visit to the Crusades, her divorce to Louis and marriage to Henry, later king, of England, and eventually her imprisonment and efforts to make a king out of the royal brat John Lackland. Combining humor, human nature, and history-made-fun (an oxymoron to most teens), this offering from two-time Newbery medalist Konigsburg is not to be missed!