In the time of the drums
by Brian Pinkney

It used to be that ships as big as buildings would land at the dock near Teakettle Creek--slave ships bringing African people to work on the plantations. Some of the Africans who lived on the island made goatskin drums to remind themselves of home. Young Mentu had never known Africa. He was an island-boy. But, his grandmother, Twi, had African in her blood and she longed for home. Thanks to Twi's teachings, Mentu has learned to play the drums, and has learned to respect the strength of the music. Caldecott Honor medalist Brian Pinkey pairs with storyteller Kim Siegelson to present an extraordinary Gullah tale of mysticism, intrigue, and courage.

Jamela' s Dress
by Niki Daly

Jamela's mom has bought fabric to make Jamela a dress for a wedding. Jamela has never seen fabric like this before. As a result she wraps herself up in the fabric and starts to parade through the township. Jamela is having so much fun, she forgets to be careful and the fabric is ruined. There is a happy ending in time for the wedding.


Lazy lions, lucky lambs

Richard Best thinks March is the worst month of the entire year. Mr. Mancina, the principal, has reminded him that it is almost time for report cards. If Richard does not get good grades, he might be retained again this year. Everyone in Mr. Rooney's class is busy writing about real people. But, writing is Richards's worst subject. It is espcially hard since all his friends have already chosen all the cool people. Richard just can't seem to get started. Can it be that the perfect "real person" is right under his nose?