Carl Goes Shopping
by Alexandra Day

This book is mostly illustrations, but the book is very exciting. I have to say the artwork is pretty good, though I don't like it very much. It's sort of dull and gray. It's about a dog, Carl, and a baby who go on a walk through a mall. As they rush back to where they were supposed to meet their mom (Carl was supposed to be babysitting the baby, but actually does a very bad job of it), they make very odd mistakes. I like this book because it's very exciting.

Wacky Wednesday
by Theo. LeSieg
illustrated by George Booth

Wacky Wednesday is a very, well, Wacky, book. Almost everything is upside-down, awkward, or crooked on this day in the book. But you have to look at the pictures closely to understand the book. The pictures are very INTERESTING, except they aren't actually all that good artwork. I like it because it's very funny. Even part of the title of the book is upside-down! I would recommend looking for however-many wacky things they say are in the pictures, because it makes the book much more exciting if you do that.