Launching of Club House Speech  

Good afternoon everyone! 

My name is Amanda.  I’m very happy to be to be doing this in front of you today and so glad that all of you can make it to our party today. 

To YBhg Datin Seri Wendy Ong, YBhg Datin Freida & YBhg Dato’ Hamzah, a very BIG SPECIAL THANK YOU to all of you for agreeing to grace this occasion. 

Well, what can I say?  Maybe I should start by telling you a bit of history… 

It was about 7 years ago in 1996 (I was 8 years old then, a lot smaller than now but as pretty I must say!) when Daddy & Mummy told me that I would be on TV soon!  I said OK and soon was joined by almost 10 others – some my age and some a bit older.  We did several TV shows amongst ourselves, took part in educational programs like “RICE MICE”, “The Golden Kids News”, “Planet Ria” and even emceed shows like this one today, in a big stadium with thousands of people which was attended by the Permaisuri Agong!  Of course, a very high platform was put up so we can reach the microphone and do a good job… 

Time has passed and we’ve grown up now.  At one time we all thought we will one day be Britney Spears or J. Lo who started young like us – but that dream is now dashed, because Uncle Sabri said – “No way.  None of you can wear belly button showing clothes” and Datin Freida said “No earrings in school!” 

However, we are a very happy set of people – the GKC as we are all known by “has been there and done that”.  We traveled to some exciting parts of the world including war torn Iraq.  We communicated and interviewed Prime Ministers and the UN Secretary-General, rubbed shoulders with millionaires…  you name it! 

However, nothing beats the value of education we all get here!  While we were in primary school, the GKC already exposed us to the subjects of Business, Accounting, Law, Medicine, Architecture and so much more. 

We even had the police who sent a senior officer to give us a lecture on the security of the nation and citizens as a whole.  We used some of the knowledge now like doing well in school and made money doing business when we sold hot dogs at school and made RM30,000 sales in a year – and went on a study tour in Singapore using  the profit!  We are also keeping some of the knowledge for later… like maybe doing a corporate takeover of Sime Darby in say 10 years from now!  Who knows?… 

Today, we are no more 10 year olds.  Most of us are in our early teens whilst some have grown “misai” and “janggut” like Osama ben Laden.  My brother Khairul (everyone calls him “abang” here) is very much one of us and is now in Trinity College, University of Melbourne, preparing to do medicine next year.  Another big brother, Syamalan Subramaniam is also in Aussie preparing to do Business & Law in possibly University ___.  Another is Anthony Tan Chien Liang, now doing A levels and certainly destined to become a very strict Judge. Nothing other than studying law for him from late next year!  

A rose among them, Darshana Sivananthan, now attends Sunway College, and is preparing for dentistry next year – also Down Under! 

As for me and the rest of the teenyboppers…  we are studying and playing hard to make our great school “Sri Cempaka” proud by scoring straight As in our PMR and SPM this year!  And, yes, all of us goes to this simply amazing and great private school, none other than Sri Cempaka – courtesy of this wonderful couple YBhg Dato’ Hamzah and Datin Freida.  Yes, we are there free!  On Scholarship!  God Bless You Dato’ & Datin, a big applause to them. 

Today is another milestone for all of us.  After years of making do with what Uncle Sabri & Aunty Wati have to offer (in their house), we now have a clubhouse of our own!  Yeah!!  Thank you very much Uncle Sabri & Aunty Wati.  We promise to clean up every time! 

Ok, I won’t take any more of your time.  If you’d like to find out more about us, talk to us later, to our parents who are here, to Datin Freida, Datin Seri Wendy Ong.  Feel free to check out the posters that are being put up here and all that.

Before I say goodbye, allow me to mention some of the names of the good people that has made all this possible. 

Please clap loudly as a show of appreciation to all of them.  Thank you very much : 

1.       Datin Seri Wendy Ong and her colleagues at BAKTI;

2.       Dato’ Hamzah Abdul Majid;

3.       Datin Freida Pilus;

4.       Dr Rizal Hamzah;

5.       Pn. Thava, Pn. Farah, Pn. Aimi & all the Teachers at Sri Cempaka;

6.       Pn. Zohara Ghani or Aunty Lola who were there in RTM when we first started back in 1996;

7.       Aunty Intan, Mak Anjang, Aunty Seri, Uncle Taufik, Uncle Yee, Pak Teh, Uncle Annuar, Uncle Maniam & Uncle Nash from TAS;

8.       Aunty Janet & Uncle Sonny;

9.       Aunty Tengku Rozidar & Uncle Zakir of 1901 Hot Dogs;

10.     Our Beloved Parents; and

11.     Last but not least, Uncle Sabri & Aunty Wati. 

Thank you.