Unsung Heroes 

“Life is full of challenges”, many say, and yes I do agree with the statement as it is a fact that each and every day, there would be an obstacle, no matter big or small, to conquer. Take into consideration the tragic incident of September 11th, not too far from home, where many lives were at stake. As the flames grew bigger and smoke filled the air, brave and courageous individuals stepped out, ready for action. Fearless, they ran through the raging fire, risking their very own lives to save many others. 

On September 13th 2003, the young achievers got a taste of the action ourselves (coincidence?). The Bomba Unit of Subang Jaya paid a visit to the clubhouse in the early morning. First, a brief introduction was given followed by a tour around the clubhouse  where the safety of each area was carefully examined. Tips were given for danger points. Then, everyone listened intently as Sergeant Tisin explained the works of being a firefighter. We were enlightened with his stories of his many experiences, from saving a scared-to-death lady from a monitor lizard to putting out real infernos. 

Although Subang Jaya was said to have almost nil rating of fire breaking out, the unit continues to keep on the lookout 24-7.  In between daily courses and classes, each firefighter is assigned a 2hour shift to be on standby.

Soon, it was the moment everyone awaited. Time to explore the lorry itself!!! The 1.4 million fire engine was fully equipped with all types of life-saving gadgets which I, for one fiddled with every single thing. We even got the opportunity to climb on top of the big and sophisticated fire engine, and pretend to be real firefighters.  

Next, another exciting activity. A fire was made in our very own lawn to be put out. Everyone had the chance to use a fire extinguisher to put the flames out, which of course was great fun. As the visit ended and the firefighters left, great emotion filled my heart, thankful and lucky that Malaysia too, have fantastic heroes. Never would I have thought that right here, in the lurks of Subang Jaya , lay so many angels looking over us.


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