Theatre Night

This theatre night is a heartfelt message from us, young people, and to the adults, especially parents, who have played their role in learing about child sexual abuse.

          On the 27th April 2002, it was the night for us to perform and to send a very inportant message to the adults and parents. It started at 7.30 pm and ended at around 10.30 pm. It started off with giving some certificates to a few of the parents for completing a 2-day parent workshop on Child Sexual Abuse.

          It's show time!! A young professional dancer, Teresa Chian gave a solo performance where she potrays a child overcoming fears and conflicting emotions to become a strong and independent person.

          Besides that, there were singing by two very talented people accompanied by someone on the piano. When they were singing, it was such a surprise to see some gentlemens like Syam, Khairul and Sean who invited some of the datins and and some danced with their mothers to dance with them.

There was also another singing performance by a girl entitled " Angel" with her sister on the piano.

          There was also a very entertaining modern malay dance and a cultural dance by eight very talented people.
          The main feature of the night, a drama entiltled "The Power of One" written and performed by us, the GOlden Kids Club Young Achievers.We had delivered a surprisingly deep understanding of the issue and our drama had delivered a message that when one takes the trouble to learn about child sexual abuse, many children can be saved. This story revolves around families of three colleagues. When a lady learns about childs sexual abuse, she was able to support and help those families.

          Everything has to come to an end. When we reached the end, all the performers recieved a certificate and went up on stage. As we held hands, we sang "We are the children" and so did the audience too. As we hugged each other, we left the hall and went home. This was another experience for us and an exiting one too.