The Single Seed

A withered leaf did linger upon a bough
And at that towering height it did stand
'Til the wind came and brought it low
Down further; and thus to its end?
But gentle the wind in its allure
To settle the leaf in certain calm lightly
Upon the clear waters that cleanse it pure
though withered it was, and withered it shall be.

The leaf! O leaf! Who, once on high
Looked down upon the humble earth
And aloof, carelessly to it deny!
Though it was, from it, his birth.

The leaf! O leaf, who did boast
Of colors immortal green
When nature's host came to devour most
He alone was untouched, serene

That leaf! The one and the same!
Who, secure in his grand abode
Failed to see Truth when it came
On the windy breath on whom he rode.

Yet, O leaf, with much care tender
It did lay you upon the gurgling brook
That you might be sanctified forever
And reminded of the values you fortook

As glorious and lofty as you were
And as we shrivelled and withered that you are
It holds true that it means no matter
Abandon your fallacies; even you can go far!

For of a certainty it is time nigh!
You shall listen and take heed
That the greatest tree, however high
Sprouted from the trodden, forgotten seed.

by Anthony Tan