Talk about Public Speaking by Haji Chuari Selamat

Being a vital supplement for our social and mental well-being, the talk won the interest and eager response from its addressees. Since the Golden Kids' Club consists of kids and adolescents who were often on the road of making speeches, being emcees and such, we learnt much about how to make speeches, how to excel at its technical side, to plan before presenting and more.

On technical, we were taught to control our voice, tone, pronunciation, speed of words, accent and personal style. It is a bad habit to mimic or imitate another' s manner of presenting a speech for it would be obvious and unprofessional.

There are three basics of excelling as a good presenter. First and foremost is our knowledge; attained by absolute education. Then, our potential plays an important role. Last but not least, a well-maintained voice, which represents our personality at the same time, adds to a better speech. For a satisfactory voice, preparations as an emcee include being healthy and well, sufficient sleep, a proper breakfast, enough time to avoid rushing as it will have a bad effect on our stamina and thus, lead to a bad performance as a result of panic. Practice in front of a mirror is a common yet excellent routine.

If an emcee can' t control a crowd, he fails as one. First, study the audience. Then, ask for attention, e.g. "Mohon perhatian" . Avoid distraction by developing good body language skills. If one should address children, for example, his gaze should concentrate on them and then, back to the audience as a whole. Draw their notice by bringing up a subject of their interest. Never face your back to your listeners. Finger-pointing is forbidden. If a listener doesn' t answer a question posed accordingly, repeat the enquiry, simplify it, or plainly move on.

Should a mistake occur, stay calm and simply apologize. A model phrase is" Maaf. Saya ulangi" . Nevertheless, if we' re on air via the radio, there is no repetition. So, experience and caution is needed.

If a controversial issue should rise to discussion, it is essential that we know the thorough background of both or more parties. Therefore, the most appropriate conclusion would be that both parties are satisfied with the outcome of the conversation.

In conclusion, the talk opened my mind to a deal of comprehension. Certain am I that this information made available to me would assist me in my future undertakings.