Take Charge: Teens taking a stand against Child Sexual Abuse 2003.

By ; Sarah Chen (Nov 3, 2003) 

Children are meant to be cherished and treasured. But for as long as we can remember, they have been beaten, sodomised, sexually abused and even killed. What causes supposedly grown-up individuals to behave in such a manner? What are we, the society doing about it?

YAC has always shown great concern towards the issues happening around the globe, especially those of which revolve around the lives of children. Hence, child sexual abuse was not one to be neglected. Still a taboo in today’s modern society, child sexual abuse is one of the most rampant problems faced. Without taking into account race, religion or even social status, this social scourge has been shattering the innocence of Malaysian children. 

Dedicated and determined, the Young Achiever’s Club decided to take a firm stand against child sexual abuse. As such, an alliance with the Malaysian Coalition for Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse was formed to spearhead efforts to raise awareness of this distressing issue. 

As a continuation to earlier efforts with MCPCSA (CSAAW 2002, CSAAGN), the annual Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Campaign 2003 was launched at Sri Cempaka Cheras School on the 11th and 12th of July. CSAAW 2003 took on a different angle, as this time around, teenagers were the main focus. The theme “Teens Take Charge”, aimed to encourage individuals to be responsible of what happens to them, to be in control and react effectively. 

Though more quality was seen as compared to quantity of participation, with much media coverage and press releases, awareness was spread successfully. A weeklong campaign, which involved distribution of pamphlets, series of seminars, talks and forums within the Klang Valley, allowed the youth of Malaysia a channel to voice their opinions and concerns with regards to this serious matter. 

The teenagers of the Young Achiever’s Club spoke out strongly and worked hard to bring a stop to this social scourge. Leading small groups during active discussions on the issue, geared with much knowledge and experience, conclusions were made and important values were learnt by all. The right information would be a building block in the fight against this heinous crime. 

CSAAW 2003 brought attention to the sufferings of the abused and offered insights into the reality of the hidden and ruthless abuse endured by innocent children, and offered sound advice on the methods to handle child abuse suspicions, plus a step-by-step instruction on how to deal with this complex issue. Fellow participants were raged by the shocking information they were bombarded with and took a clear firm stand against CSA.

In conclusion, the programs organized proved to be both an enlightening and empowering experience for all involved.

This event has seen teenagers lead the march against Child Sexual Abuse. Teens do care. Teens take charge!