It was an early morning and all of us had to get our heavy butts out of comfortable beds. The time had arrived; it was time for us to leave for Fraser' s Hill. By 10am all 21 of us were all packed and ready to leave. Those who went were:   


         Amanda Sabri and Khairul Azri

         Nadia Nasharuddin

         Jennifer Guan

         Tan Yue Mei

         Syamalan Subramaniam

         Anthony Tan

         Sean Lee

         Sarah and Brian Chen

         Marisha Naz

         Natalie and Nicholas Ong

         Nur Hazwin

         Carissa Yap

         Syairah Nadia


         Melissa Wong

         Our dear sister from Damansara: Iris Choo

         And not forgetting: Brenda Tan 

We left at about 11.15 am in 5 separate cars. Whoa! We started off our journey with lots of anxiety in ourselves. After a solid 2-hour journey, we reached! There it was "GLEN" Bungalow. We quickly got out of our transportation and had a quick tour around the house. It was wonderful! After picking our rooms and unpacking, it was lunchtime! Yummy, the food smelt Goood!  

Now, after that was over, it was time for us to Chill. Some of us were playing ball outside, some went for a walk, some were painting their nails and the rest were paying Cluedo. Shortly after that, all of us decided to go for a jog. The jog was great but eventually got tired and hitched a ride with Syam who was driving up and down the hill.  

After our baths, it was dinnertime. And, Auntie Janet and Uncle Sonny had arrived! They were going to coordinate our workshops for the next 3 days. After dinner, we all got comfortable in our sleeping bags and were ready to watch a movie. Men Of Honor. 

As the movie ended, we did a recap of it and went through some Ground Rules we had to obey. Immediately after that half of us quickly rushed up to our rooms and fell asleep. As for the rest of them, they were playing cards at the living area. It' s amazing where they get the energy from huh?  

DAY 2 

" Wake up everyone! It' s 8 o'clock" . We took turns to bathe. Some went back to sleep, meanwhile others were up to finish up their homework Auntie Janet had given. 9 o clock sharp we were all in our training room. We spent 9 whole hours in our training room! Well, that includes lunch and tea of course. I can' t tell you much bout what we did during the workshop ' cause it's P&C.. (hahaha). But I can tell you one thing though. Through this workshop I am now much closer to my brother. Yay!  

By 6pm, most of the parents were up in Fraser' s. They were invited to join us for a little " family day" kind of thing. We had a huge feast that night with barbequed chicken, lamb, sausages, fish, fried bihun, sambal and fruits.  

After the meal, we had one last activity before going to bed. And this activity was called " Facing Fears" . This activity required us to be completely silent and we had to be in total darkness. *Scary huh?. After that short activity, we thought we were up for another movie " Not one Less" . Without realizing it, after 15 minutes into the movie, half of us just dozed off into dreamland. That includes me!  

DAY 3  

Another early morning! But this time we had no activities till about 2pm. After bathing and eating breakfast, all of us decided to go to a waterfall nearby called " Jeriau Waterfall" . We had a great time there! Some of them got really wet and some managed to stay dry. On the way back, we continuously said " Hi" to everyone we saw. That felt good.  

Before 2pm, Marisha, Natalie and Nicholas had to leave us (and so did all the parents) They had to go back down to KL " cause they were leaving for Bali the next day. After lots and lots of hugs and kisses here and there, they were on their way down. 

2 o' clock! All of us rushed into the training room. As we entered the room we saw a " cobweb" look-a-like. Guess what we had to do. We had to pass all 18 of us from Side A to Side B. How?? We were given 40 minutes to do so and unfortunately we couldn' t even pass one person over. So, we were given a second chance. We failed again. And we were given a third chance. Amazingly we managed to pass all 18 people in 28 minutes. Yay!  

That was over, and it " FREE time!" After dinner, all of us got comfortable in our sleeping bags and we had to watch "Not One Less" again! This was " cause when we watched it the last time, half of us fell asleep.  

Since it was our last night, some of us stayed up till about 4.45am!  


Another early morning. But this time, we were late. It was 8.30 am and our workshop starts at 9am. After a little rush ' rush here and there, we were all in the training room. We finished off our workshop at 12pm with a small farewell. Some had their eyes filled with tears and some were dancing around with joy and laughter.  

Oh no, it was time for us to leave! NO!! We packed, had lunch, cleaned the house a little and without realizing it we had to go. We had a small photography session before we left.

The time had finally arrived: "Goodbye GLEN bungalow, Hello Kuala Lumpur" . 

Done by:
Amanda Sabri