Report on trip to Singapore

Wow! Another great trip! This time, it was a trip to Singapore. All of us were looking forward to th trip weeks before we even went for it. This trip was different. We travelled there by train. Okay, my name is Brenda and I will tell you all about our trip to Singapore. This trip was from the 6th of September till teh 10th of Septemember.

Day 1 ( 6th September 2002, Friday)

We assembled at Uncle Sabri's house at 6pm for dinner ( Yummy!) and a small briefing on our trip. What we were going to do, places we were going to stay, the atmosphere there and etc. The briefing catched our minds and made us look forward to the trip even more. We left for the Senandung Malam train which was going to departure at 10.30pm at 9pm. After buying tidbits for the long 8 hours train ride, we entered our train. The train was absolutely marvelous! Most of us shared a room with a bunk bed, connecting room and a nice athroom. We rised and shine at 7.30 the next day.....

Day 2 ( 7th September 2002, Saturday)

We arrived Woonland Station in Singapore at 7.30am. We then checked in into our apartment, Plaza pacific for breakfast. We really loved our stay in the apartment. It had a kitchen, a nice living room with a tv, 2 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms. ( Talk about comfy) . After lunch, we visited the Singapore Science Centre. It was really great. We could learn many things through looking and practical things that we could do. We also watched a short 30 mins show on "The Human Body" After that, we went to Snow City ( Brrr.) The temperature there was as low as -10celcius! We came out with a ruddolf nose and red ears
and hands. We went straight to the Night Safari for dinner and then toured the place. During our trip there, we watched an animal show and had the chance to touch the longest phyton species in the world. Then, we went for a train ride around the safari! We could see wild animals with no bars around them. For example, the crocodile and the tapir. We went back to the apartment at 11.30pm.....

Day 3 ( 8th September 2002, Sunday)

Ring, ringggg! We had a wake up call at 8am! After breakfast, we visited Sentosa Island. we didnt really sat for rides because it was raining that day =( ...But, we sat on a monorail ride around the island. We had Buger King for lunch there too.. (Yummm) After the lunch break, we went for a visit at Media Works. I was really fascinated because even if it was a small company with only 300 staff's and one studio and only opened for 1 year, it was almost as
good as other established companies. They had a quote which the stood up to, " Lead and exeed Expectations" After that, we went to Television Corporation of Singapore. It was really huge and we really enjoyed the visit there. We went back to the apartment at 6pm. Some of us went swimming, others slept and some just loath around. We had dinner, dozed of and was ready for the next day..

Day 4 ( 9th September 2002, Monday)

This was more like our last day there. *sigh. But it was the day all of us looked forward too. Shopping and Strolling at Orchard Road!! We spent almost our whole day there! After that, we went to Little India to have dinner. Then we came back to the apartment at about 9.30pm. Since it was the last night there, all of us gathered together. Some watched tv and some played UNO.

Day 5 ( 10th September, 2002, Tuesday)

We could wake up late today! We slept up to 10am! After having breakfast, we checked out back to Malaysia. We went back using "NICE" bus. It was really nice. We had extremely big space for our legs! We reached back home at about 11pm.

Hmmm...that's all about our trip to Singapore! I really did enjoy the trip. We all learnt from the trip and as welll had fun. Loads of fun! I also feel keeping the country clean attratcs tourists and keep a good image. Something which I really loved about Singapore was the greenery around it, the clean roads and the nice, huge bulidings. Among the buildings which I really like was the Stamford Hotel, which use to be one of the biggest hotels in the
world, the biggest fountain in South East Asia, known as the Wishing Fountain  and the Bugis Village.  I really enjoyed my trip to Singapore...Thank you!!