Report on Insurance Talk by Jennifer Guan Huey Chen           

 It was another Saturday, 17 August 2002, when all of the YA' s gathered for a talk on what insurance is all about and also on money matters.

            The speaker for that day was friendly Mr. Lee Kay Loon of Prudential. He charted out  our financial planning for our whole life. When we were babies till we have our own family. It was something like this.

Wealth Creation ---> Wealth Growing ---->Wealth Protection ---->Wealth Distribution

Wealth creation- Making the money work for you 

Wealth growing- Investing money and "growing" it so that there would be more money 

Wealth Protection-To ensure that wealth is protected by insuring it 

Wealth Distribution- The last process, when we get old, we distribute our money to the next generation. 

               I learned that there are many different types of insurance, like life insurance, health insurance, financial insurance and general insurance.  Insurance is there to assure you that the money does not go to waste and it is saved for better reasons in the future and when we are in need of the money at times of accidents and so on. In Malaysia now there are over fifty leading insurance companies. 

It was a very interesting talk.