Report on GKC Membership Drive

It was a Saturday morning and all of the GKC members met up at the studio at eight in the morning. We were all very excited and planned to beat Aunty Intan and Aunty Hani' s record of 300 new registrations. The membership drive was held at a flea market in Bukit Kiara, Sri Hatamas. Almost all of the YA' s turned up that day dressed in the GKC uniform. We were given a briefing on the event and started out. 

        We reached there at around nine and started decorating our stall with balloons and GKC logos. We saw many other stalls and came to know that the event was held under NST. The event started at about nine-thirty and many families started coming in. We started our job then, running around the whole area asking people to join us. Many of them were very interested and joined happily, some of them asked lots of questions and in the end joined too. 

      The queue at our stall was really LONG and there were lots of people walking by and stopped at our stall to check it out. We went all around and "attacked" anybody we saw with kids. It was really a tiring job, and we didn' t even have time to stop and talk to one another, but even though we were tired, we enjoyed it very much while listening to the music that the organizers played.

      Lots of people turned up that day, and many events were held. Soon enough, it was time for lunch. Busy as we were we didn' t realise that our tummies were actually grumbling along the way. We stopped "work" and ate FOOD at the nearby McDonald' s restaurant. After lunch, we decided it was time for all of us to have some fun. We got some coupons and enjoyed ourselves playing games and winning prizes. We really did have a good laugh, and won lots and lots of prizes.

      After all the fun, it was back to work. Honestly, we were getting really lazy& hey we were working under the sun! But we could not really do anything about it. The number of people we got was still the same and lots more joined in. We were not the only ones there, lots of local stars came too! Too Phat was there, Sarimah was there, the host and hostess for the KFC hour and McDonalds were there, Mix Fm DJ' s were there. We even got the chance to chit-chat with most of them and had fun getting to know them. 

    The new registrations were really nice and fun to be with. Some of them knew us and were really sporting and some were shy but were smiling all the way! We talked to them and most of the kids are in the age group of 7 to 12 years old. All of them could be seen lining up with their parents with full of excitement. We really welcomed all the members and made their day.

      As tired as we might have been that day, going home with aching legs and feet, we really enjoyed ourselves tremendously! We met lots of new faces and expanded our GKC family. This was a great experience even though we did not beat Aunty Intan' s and Aunty Hani' s record, we were really close with a number of 265 new members. I would say it was a job well done!      

        We were really glad that we had this membership drive and perhaps next time we should have it different schools around Selangor. I had lots of fun today and I am really certain that many of my friends had as much fun as I did today.

A simple note of thanks to the organizers of GKC!