Fellow YA’s had decided that the 8th of November wasn’t going to be a regular mundane Saturday. Indeed, it wasn’t. With proper coordination and organisation by the Form Three’s, it was a day where great values and splendid lessons were learnt instead.

At exactly 11.30am, a total of 11 curious YA’s stepped foot into the famous Hong Leong Bank premises, with the objective to gain as much knowledge about the local bank. With open eyes and sharp ears, observations were made and questions were asked. Within a matter of minutes, we had ascertained the system of a bank, the pros& cons, and even the sources of profits and losses.

Later, debriefed by the friendly branch manager, Ms. Foo, we were guided through the works of a bank. We were given the opportunity to go behind transaction counters and explore the monitoring practices of the dedicated staff of the Subang Jaya branch. In addition to that, we actually opened an ATM machine to look inside it and discover how it worked.

As we sauntered through the bank, we soon found out the structure and practices of the branch. Confined with basically homogeneous products: similar provision of priority banking for example, customer service plays the most important part towards a bank’s success. Hence, with a whole board of 16 staff, comitted and determined, HLB SJ applies values which intends to create rewarding experiences for all customers. Even as a plain visitor, one could sense the positive attitude each employee implied. Posters of encouragement were seen placed all round the premises.

Then, we were given a short talk on wealth management. Introduced to shocking statistics and information, all of us vowed to save from then on. It was definitely an eye opener to discover how the value of money evolves overtime if saved, and the bad side if spent.

Overall, the visit to the bank was definitely an excellent experience for everyone. All of us had a good time and had learnt so much within just three hours, whether the structure of a bank or the need to save.