Report on Visit to Hong Leong Bank, Subang Jaya
by YA Brenda Tan

On the morning of 8th November, the YA’s had a wonderful and educational visit to the Hong Leong Bank Berhad in Subang Jaya. The Form Three Ya’s (Amanda, Jennifer, Adila and Yue Mei) organized this great visit. Everyone grouped in the Clubhouse first for a short breifing before we left in the GKC Van. Everyone was amxious to know what we would expect. When we reached Hong Leong Bank, Subang Jaya, the Branch Bank Manager, Ms. Foo, greeted us. We were brought upstairs to be told what was the itinerary for the day.  


We were given time to go back downstairs to observe activities carried out for questions. I was particularly interested in how the ATM machine works, different counters, different types of banking, products, service and even security! 


We were brought upstairs for our questions to be answered. Wow… It really amazed me. Did you know transactions could be done through any ATM machine with MEPS on it? In these days, the bank offers many types of banking for the convenience of people. For example online, phone and sms banking (though only balance in account can be checked for sms banking) Besides that, prioroty banking has been set up for the service for chosen customers who fulfills certain criterias and as well for senior citizens. All of us were very curious on the security. For example what would happen if there were a sudden robbbery? Or a natural disaster? Hong Leong Bank is prepared for everything. If such accidents occur, staffs would have a certain plan order.  


Break time for the non-muslims! 


We went back downstairs to see how the ATM machine really works, but what really amazed me was how bankers count money. They use this machine, which was 99.9% accurate at most times! Then, we went back up for a short speech by Ms. Foo. Hurmmm… come to think of it, every bank is the same, but what differentiates Hong Leong Bank to the rest is ther service. Hong Leong Bank provides an I-CARE service, which stands “ I create a rewarding experience for customers”. Wow…

Besides that, the bank also has values of their own, known as “SBJ values”. S for Superior Customer Intimacy, B for Best Work Attitudes and J for Joyous Team Working!  


Now, it was time for a talk on Wealth Management by David Teo. David Teo is a financial consultant. Wealth Management is actually an organized financial planning to achieve financial goals in future. To break down his whole speech, financial planning all starts from “SAVING”. Saving is something, which has to be done in a regular basis in future to be financially independent in future. What is important in wealth management is time. The longer we save, the more money we get. Hurmm… I think I should start saving now! 


We gave a little souvenir to Ms. Foo and on behalf of all YAC’s; Marisha gave a speech to appreciate the time and effort spent by the staffs of Hong Leong Bank Berhad, Subang Jaya! Soon, we headed back home feeling the need to start saving!