Report On Singapore Trip

Day 1 (6th September 2002)

Today is the day when all 22 of us gathered at Uncle Sabri' s house for a briefing before we all leave for the train station to SINGAPORE!! First of all we stuffed our tummies with great food and went for the short and simple briefing about Singapore. We left to the train station at about 8:30. The train we were going to ride was called the Senandung Malam. In the train all of us took our seats, cabins and births. We were all very excited and were bouncing about in the train. It was a very enjoyable trip as all of us slept very late and went " visiting" each other! 

Day 2 (7th September 2002) 

We arrived fresh and awake at the Singapore train station and went through immigrations. That' s where our tour guide met up with us! We then checked into our apartment, which is the Plaza Pacific apartment. It was the ideal home for kids like us and we got use to the apartment really fast! Then we all went to eat a great Malaysian/Singapore breakfast (it' s the same actually).

After a lunch at a restaurant, we all were packed into the tour bus and was brought to the Singapore Science Centre. It was really an eye-opener to many of us! We had lot' s of fun exploring the science centre and trying out all the experiments! We also went to watch a half an hour show on the Human Body. It was very interesting and educational to all of us.

Later on, we went to Singapore' s Snow City! It was of course freezing cold and before we could enter we had to bundle ourselves up like little penguins with huge boots and gloves! Some of us went sledding while some of us were just plain naughty. We had a snowball fight and was throwing snowball at each other until we all broke down in laughter& we had so much fun. We even threw snowballs to our friends while they were sledding down the hill!!! We panted from all the running in the snow city and could see steam coming out from our mouths! But sadly, we all had to go, we came out from the snow city with rosy cheeks and red nose and ears. Some of us were even wet from all that snow they rolled in!

The next place we went to visit was the Singapore Night Safari, we had a quick but filling dinner there and went to see the night show! It was very interesting and we saw many animals perform great tricks, we were very amazed, we even got to touch the python, the longest snake in the world and met up with a very friendly otter! After the great show, we went on a tramp ride around the park and saw all the nocturnal animals up and active, the hyenas were especially active that night! We manage to catch a glimpse of a group of deer right next to the tramp grazing and saw lions from afar! We were all very tired that night but still had the energy to sing and talk about these amazing places! 

Day 3 (8th September 2002)

We woke up early this morning and scrambled down for breakfast. After a good breakfast, we went on the bus and off we went for Sentosa Island! We sat the cable car across and went for the Underwater World! We were all fascinated by the many different kinds of marine life under the sea. We saw fishes of all shapes and sizes, a really HUGE shark and lot' s of stingrays! Some of the special marine life were separated from the big aquarium and placed inside their own aquariums, such as the cute cuttlefish, the amazing seahorse and of course the majestic jellyfish. There was even a "pet" pond there and we got to touch or pet fishes and starfishes. It was truly an unforgettable experience! Later on, we went to visit the Wax museum and saw lots of life-like wax and was amazed on how these wax " people" were made. They looked very real and some of us even said they blinked! We sat on a monorail back and had a good and wholesome lunch of Burger King!

After visiting Sentosa, we did a little sight seeing of Singapore and our tour guide took us to Bukit Candu, there we saw how Singapore gained it' s independence, it was a very touching story! After that we went straight back to the hotel to relax and go for a dip in the pool!

Day 4 (9th September 2002) 

Today was the day all of us were waiting for! We got the chance to visit two of Singapore" s most prestigious media companies. The first company we visited was called Media Works! They are still a young company but has grown very fast and was as good as any established company. The staff there took us around the office and showed us a quick slideshow on it' s visions and achievements! We had learned a lot form the company and I really do hope we go there again! The next company was much larger and was very established, it has been famous for it' s great shows such as, Phua Chu Kang and Under One Roof, and the name is Media Corps. The company is the competitor to Media Works and is basically the main company for Singaporean television. It has a quite a number of studios, a large outdoor setting, a wardrobe rooms and a place where they have all their props kept! It was large and we were all amazed at how all of them could some how manage to find the toilets or the places they want to go! Another thing we had been looking forward to was going shopping at Orchard Road, Singapore' s popular place for shopping and such. We went shopping form one shopping centre to another and bought loads of stuffs! Some of us even bought shoes! We had a lot of fun! That night was our last night in Singapore, so all of us planned to spend the whole night having fun! We all gathered in an apartment and just sat and chit-chatted, played UNO, watch TV, and listening to the radio! We slept very late that night but it was worth it! 

Day 5 (10th September 2002)

We all woke up pretty late this morning but quickly packed and went for breakfast. After breakfast, we went onto our NICE bus and it was goodbye Singapore and hello Malaysia! It was quite a long trip but we stopped by Malacca to shop. We reached the studio at about 11pm that night. 

Although it was a tiring trip, but it was filled with fun and excitement! We enjoyed each other' s company a lot and I would really like to thank EVERYONE who had made this trip a successful one!! Even to the " Mua Chee" lady! 

Done by:
YA Jennifer Guan