Report On Janda Baik Trip

On the 11th of September, a group of GKC YA' s went to Janda Baik to attend a course on survival skills with Auntie El. We all grouped up at the studio at nine in the morning. We were all excited and started planning what we wanted to do there.

The trip there was of course filled with jokes and laughter. We started building a camp in groups of four. I was in the same group as Amanda, Nadia, Melody and Sarah. After that we ate lunch that was bought for us. We started the program with El around two in the afternoon, it was a lot of fun as we swam in the river while we discussed the issues.

There was a war game which we played, that I enjoyed very much, eventhough my group lost. It was all about team work. The other game we played was kind of like leading the blind people, it also involved teamwork.

It was just our luck that it started to rain heavily. Everyone was drenched from top to bottom. When the rained stopped, we immediatly changed our clothes. We ate dinner while watching a movie and some even dried their clothes by the fire place. During the night, we watched a "movie" about birth and death. Later on, we all went into our tents to sleep.

The next morning was freezing cold,we lined up in front of the toilet and took turns. We later started to cook breakfast, omelet.....bon appetite.

Next we went jungle trekking......" pacat" attack. Everyone started worrying about those leeches. It was tiring but it was fun too. We reached a waterfall and the water was sooooo cold but everyone still jumped in.

We took a long walk back but along the way we saw lots of interesting things. After a short lunch, we had an etiquette talk about how to mix and match colours, etc. We were all so exhausted...we all took a nap on the way home.

I really enjoyed this trip and hope that in the future there would be more trips just like this. Thanks for inviting me.