Report on the Space Talk

All the YA, s met at our usual meeting place& GKC studio. This time our trip was to the UKM, s space center to listen to a talk. We met at the studio at eight thirty in the morning with half-asleep faces. We ate breakfast in the car and reached our destination at around nine. 

      We were there to listen to the way they process the images from our Malaysian satellites, which is Tiungsat-1 and Measat 1 and 2 and what satellites are all about. We were divided into two groups and my group went into the computer room to see how they processed the images. There were lots of cool machinery, we paid close attention on the person giving the talk and learned that it wasn, t really that hard to process the image. 

     After our part of the talk, we swapped places, and proceeded to listen to a talk about what a satellite is. We came to know that Tiungsat was launched on the 6th September 2000 in Baikonur Khazakstan. They communicated with Tiungsat for the first time seven hours after launch. The life span of Tiungsat is around three years and it is in a shape of a box. 

      We also came to know that there are 8,000 satellites in space and almost half of them are not functioning anymore and this is somewhat they call polluting the air space. They also said that space is infinite and no one owns space. 

       Later we had a little break and ate some of the food they provided for us. We went back into the room for a QA session. After that, we went to a room filled with lots of machinery used to contact the satellite and they showed us how they did it. It was very interesting. 

       It was a really meaningful talk and we got to know more about space and the final frontier! Maybe one day who knows we might be the next group of people being sent off to space for a mission! 

Thank you for a very educational trip!