Point of View on Punishment for Child Sexual Abuse 

I absolutely agree with the need to pay more attention to the needs of children than to satisfy the public's hunger to meet violence with violence. The death penalty is harsh and victims of incest will be extremely reluctant to expose their perpetuators. I know I would.

The current penalty of rape is a maximum of 20 years jail (I stand to be corrected). Does PS the Children support this? A 20-year sentence is a long time and based on the logic used by PS the Children, wouldn't this too deter victims from exposing their perpetuators? (I hope I'm making sense) What I am trying to get at is, what kind of punishment does PS the Children feel will not deter victims from feeling guilty? Any jail sentence or whipping or even years of rehabilitation will result in feelings of guilt.

Of course, education, changing mindsets, providing support for the child and family, increasing the number of child psychologists (are there only 15!), concentrating on rehabilitating rather than punishing abusers etc are all extremely good measures. But there must be a penalty; the question that the Press release didn't answer is what should it be?

My mind is boggled