Poem For the Prime Minister.

No other Prime Minister we know,
In this fertile land as we grow,
None else have we seen or heard,
As we were born during your period.

We sleep deep and sound in the heart of the night,
Because we have you holding us tight,
Just like our beloved parents,
You are as dear to us, as precious diamonds.

We did, do and will need you,
And you have been faithful and true,
So now our grateful hearts sing:
"Thank you for being there and providing."

" we know no other PM except you, we were born during
your period, you
are therefore so dear to us just like our parents, we
sleep comfortably
at night knowing that there's always you and your wife
taking the role
of our other parents, we hope you will always be there
when we need you
as always, we love you and we thank you from the
bottom of our hearts
for all those things that you have done for us..."