Poem For the Prime Minister

A leader, born of the purest essence,
One who's visions long planned and created,
He awes us even with his mere presence,
As this country's burden, he alone lifted

What strength! What force! Your heart and spirit creates!
With all the goals you aim, the times you strive,
Among the waves of fate and time, you lie in wait,
So that all your children would live and survive!

Your wrinkled face, your tired eyes,
The gray in your hair, the tension,
We see them all, sir; we cannot lie!
Though we know few would even dare to mention

We know your burden; we feel its exhaustion,
We see it when our gaze fell into your soul,
And yet you gain victory with each intervention,
You shorten the problems, you near your goal!

You are the ship that navigates our waters,
The rays of the sun that warms the earth,
You are our guide, and our respected father,
Know that your deeds are infinite in it's worth

You bring progress to Malaysia, our beloved country,
You encourage us to develop, to build and expand,
You led us to creating so much prosperity,
And to us you lend your helping hand

We are weaklings no more! And as such we wont be!
You have showed us the way, the path to go after,
We will fight by your side! Fighting to be free!
Knowing that our future, is the best you can offer 

As each person learns to live with their destiny,
To traverse the path chosen by God,
Your fate lies in this, a role of supremacy,
By being a leader, forget you, we shall not

In this period of time, we know not of others,
Who has the gift to play so many roles for us all,
We know it well; you need not bother,
 Your hopes and dreams shall never fall

This simple little poem, we send to you,
And a prayer to thank God, for sending you to us,
We sleep safely at night, knowing through and through,
That we shall always know whom is the best man to trust

We hope you and your wife will always be here,
To cheer us, your children, forward and further,
The memories of your life, we keep it dear,
As we move quickly towards the not so distant future

We love you Dr. Mahathir, have that comfort in mind,
Thank you once again, we are forever indebted to you,
You are a great prime minister, and one of a kind,
And each word in this poem will always be true. 


by Zulaikha Nurain Mudzar