As slowly the night - lamp dims and fades away,
Blanketing the calm world with multishades of grey,
A moonbeam quietly settles on the peaceful child;
Asleep in the Bosom of God; gentle, loving and mild& .
Afloat he is! Buoyed by dreams of a wondrous leind,
Vastness of imagination; themes of an unsoiled mind&
Then& Nature's orchestra celebrates in sight of the dawn!

Awake! Arise! The gates of night have withdrawn.
Two decades! A sum of years twice ten.
You have risen, slept through fears, and risen again!
Though briers and thorns stand in your way,
You neither do bend nor do you sway.
Though the voices of greed outnumber the good,
You saw the real need and understood.
Though to confront the sails of a foreign fleet,
You are not one who fails at any feat.
Though the seas drown the serene isles,
You hide your frown and show us smiles.
Though in a furious hail of painful lies,
You never lose your trail; your courage never dies.

Though a burdensome load upon your shoulders,
You took the narrow road unhindered by boulders.
Though others heard our words, they never did listen;
Though others looked at us children, they never did see;
But you, who loved and cared, had not forgotten
How it once was when you were young like me!
For twenty years you gave us your best of everything;
Since our birth you were the only Prime Minister we knew.

Yet even now we dare to proudly boast and loudly sing
That hereafter, there will scare be one as great as you.
And as softly the night-lamp dims and fades away,
And we lay blanketed in quite rest after play,
Alone, shy moonbeam tenderly comes nigh;
As you lull us in sweet lullaby.
We hope that for aye, you and the kind lady by your side
Will bring us warm covers of love to snugly tug inside,
As we float away into wondrous dreams under your watchful sight,
We hope that for aye, you and the kind lady will kiss us goodnight& ..

by Anthony Tan