Lovely Nursing Home Trip 

          A sunny Monday morning, 1 December 2003, the form2s of the Young Achievers Club had organized a trip to Lovely Nursing home in Petaling Jaya. The goal of the trip was to help decorate the home with hand made deco items for Christmas that was just around the corner. 

          Yas attending the event and several JYAs assembled at the club house and left for Lovely Nursing home in the Yac van. All together there were 8 Yas and 7 JYAs attending the visit. We arrived at the home at about 11.20pm and were warmly greeted by the caretaker of the home. Some of the old folks looked really excited upon our arrival whereas some just didnt bother. 

          For the first 15 minutes, we spent our time getting to know some of the old folks. Although we were familiar with some of them, many were new faces to us. After having short chit-chats with the old folks, we started our main activity, to decorate the home. There was a snowman with presents at the entrance, shining lights around the door, colourful streamers wrapped around the poles, stockings hung up and mobiles hung around. The place defiantly looked a lot more cheerful after our decoration process was finish. One particular old man showed much interest in the snowman and its hat. 

          After decorating the home, it was lunch time. All the food that was brought by fellow yas and JYAs were laid out on the table and then distributed to all the old folks. We had fried chicken, biscuits, cake and lots of drinks. Within 20 minutes, almost every old folk had finished their chicken! Wow thats fast. The fried chicken was really a big hit. Unfortunately we didnt have any more to pass round. However, there was still cake and biscuits left which they equally enjoyed. 

           A small hamper with goodies for the old folks was presented to the care taker as a gift from all of us at Young Achievers Club. We expressed our gratitude to the care taker (mr letchumi) for allowing us to decorate the home. Shortly after that, we sung a few songs with the old folks and then said our goodbyes. It was time to go home. After shaking hands and hugging all the old folks, we made our way back home to the club house. 

          What a nice way to spend the morning. Im sure we brightened up some of their days with the colourful decorations. After all, Christmas is a time for giving. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!..


Marisha Naz
December 2003