Generous Listening Workshop 

Have you ever wondered why communicating with someone can be so difficult? Or maybe to get an instruction right? Why do you think we have two ears and one mouth but we seem to talk more than to listen? Our speaker today, Auntie Janet has come to our studio and gave an inspiring workshop to us and it has thought us to learn to communicate with one better than before. Why?

      It seems that when one is talking, the other should pay attention and understand the topic. It is also important to plant the interest. No interruption should be made when one is talking as it would make them feel unwelcome for them to discuss their problems.      

Body position plays a part too. We should sit in a way the speaker feels comfortable to share something. Besides that, expression makes the speaker know whether you are really, genuinely interested or not and it is necessary to give the right response or the other party would feel awkward.  We should use different senses to listen. Our mind, body and soul is three of the most important senses we should use when listening to someone. The most unexpected sense, the nose also helps in communication.  It helps you to know the expression in the air if we try to concentrate.

       With all this good listening skills, we can actually make our speaker feel cared, secure, warm and 'one' with the listener. It also makes the speaker want to tell more because he or she feels invited and warm to talk to.

       This talk with Auntie Janet has made us look at ourselves better, opened our hearts, made us know one another better, made us make better communication with family members and has definitely be one of the most interesting workshops I had attended.

by Brenda Tan