Fraser's Hill Report

On the 24th of May 2002,GKC had organised a trip to Frase's Hill for 4 days and 3 nights.These are the wonderful stuff we did there.......

Day 1=24-05-02
We departed from Uncle Sabri's house at about 12 noon after a short briefing and reached our Banglo Glen during lunchtime.The place was beautiful with flowers around the bungalow and beautiful sceneries.It was a huge bungalow with six rooms and two fireplaces!We unload our luggages into our own bedrooms.We had our lunch and had our freetime while waiting for Auntie Janet and Uncle Sonny.Later at night after our dinner,we watched a movie called "Men Of Honour".It was a fantastic movie about keeping a promise,being responsible ,courage and determination of a man who soon achived his goal of becoming a master of diving after facing so many challenges.After the movie,we took awhile to discuss about it togeher with Auntie Janet and Uncle Sonny.Then,Auntie Ja net told us about the ground rules before starting our workshop the next day which all of us agreed to.

Day 2=25-05-02
We woke up at 8.30a.m.Well,some of us were earlier as they went for a jog.The exciting day soon began after havung our breakfast at 9.30a.m.First,we were asked to introduce ourselves in the most creative way possible.We learned a whole lot about being responsible and keeping promises,how to achieve our own goals step by step.We also learned about letting go and changing our feelings according to the songs which were played by Uncle Sonny.We also had a session about trust and confidentiality.We did select our own buddies for life who will always support us and our small groups too!The interesting workshop ended at 6.30p.m.We took a walk and had a BBQ dinner with some of our parents in the evening.It was really cold even in the afternoon!The cool breeze was amazing!At about 10.00p.m,it was time for us to face our fears.We were blindfolded with our buddies and seated back to back on a mat outside the bungalow,holding a candle.We were then asked to unfold our blindfolds and blow! out our candles whenever we were ready.We were left inthe dark for almost an hour,I think.It wasn't really that scary afterall because we were pretty close to one another and it wasn't totally pitch black.The exercise ended early.So,we decided to watch a movie called "Not One Less" which we were supposed to watch the next day together with the parents and some of our GKC friends who were leaving the next day.The movie was about a 13 year old girl who became a substitute teacher of a countryside school and how she had managed to keep her promise with her strong courage and determination to actually find ways to go out to the city to find one of her students who was lost in order not to break her promise.With full responsibility,she managed to survive in the city and fulfilled her promise.

Day 3=26-05-02
We woke up at 8.00a.m.It was a family day and our workshop didn't start until 2.00p.m.We went to a waterfall not far away from our bungalow.It was so much fun seeing everyone playing in the water and getting themselves soaked!After lunch,we started our workshop with a quest or more like a mission about teamwork!We were asked to get everyone in the team,18 of us from side A to side B through a designated hole without touching the web and without talking.It was a tough one!After several times of trying really hard,we soon
managed to accomplish our mission in 25 minutes.It was all about trust,teamwork and coorperation.We did it!Wow!It was a huge success!We even managed to get Uncle Sabri,Auntie Janet and Uncle Sonny through the hole! Later in the evening,we took a rest and had our bath and dinner.We had to watch the same movie as we did the last night before because half of us fell asleep throughout the movie.We had a recap about the movie and then we watched Blade 2 too!We stay! ed up until quite late because it was our last night there.

Day 4=27-05-02
Our last day in Fraser's Hill.We woke up at 8.00p.m and started our workshop at 9.30p.m after breakfast.We learned about the importance of keeping promises and being responsible.We came to a conclusion of the workshop by saying thank you's to everyone through eye-contacts.Later,we packed our bags and cleaned up the whole bungalow.Some of us went for archery and horse-back riding.We left the place at 4.00p.m and reached Subang during dinner time.

Overall,this was one of the best trip GKC has always organised.This was a really good experience for me as it had already became a part me.This trip had been a meaningful one.

*Thank you so much to everyone who made this trip possible not only for me but for all of us.Especially to Uncle Sabri and Auntie Wati,Uncle Sonny and Auntie Janet.........Thanks a bunch!=)

Hugs and muaks,