Experience graduating

Hello, my name is Brenda. And please, allow me to take you on a tour on how my experience was like graduating from an 8-month course. First of all, our course, " If it' s to be, It is up to ME, I am GKC!" was a workshop to teach us on taking responsibility for the major results in our lives. We were all divided into groups from the very first session (* I was in the Powerpuff group*) in Frasers. We all had our respective group meetings. I learnt many wonderful values in life which I cannot simply find on textbooks and paper and pen, but deep inside ME. I learnt to love. I found courage in me. I learnt the importance of life. And I learnt many, many more values in life. All of this started from a vision. A vision to see our future. And an aim to achieve them. This was how the experience started& from Day one of the first month, till the 8th month. These values I learnt will always be in ME. All I had to do was look deep within, and never lose them.

Day 1, Friday (24.1.2003)
Don' t worry, we didn' t skip school. We left after school to Uncle Sabri' s house, took a shower, ate dinner and left for Paya Indah, Wetlands in Sepang at around 8 pm. We arrived there around 8.45pm and got to know the manager there. After a drink in the café, we checked into our chalet rooms. (* I was sharing a room with Syairah, Hazwin and Melissa.) We went to Auntie Janet' s chalet which faced the lake and an empty land in front of her chalet. There in the middle of the land was a metal pot which looked like a top of a barbecue set lighted up with fire. We had a small meeting that night which lasted up to 12 midnight. We were sitting outside the verandah with pieces of paper and pen.  We were accompanied with slow music and were told to write the moments that people hurt us. Although I still felt confused, I sat in the corner of the verandah and wrote. After that, we were led to the fire and were standing in a circle. We held our papers and were told to put the paper into the fire and when we did that, we forgave them. After that, we wrote the things which we hurt people. When I stood at the fire, I cried because I realize how much I hurt people so much. And from that moment, I took the first step to make a change to it. After that session, some of us watched " Bandid with Beckham" , some went to hit the beds and some stayed up chatting with lots of chocolates and fooood& But before we left, we were asked to make some sort of appreciation gift for a person that made a big change in our lives.

Day 2(Saturday, 26.1.2003)
*Rise and shine* As early as 8 in the morning, we woke up. We went on a tour to the Hippo farm, crocodile lake and around Paya Indah& with bicycles! After Breakfast and lunch, we took a short rest, showered and headed for our second session. We sat in a shade near the " paddle-boat" lake. We sat in a circle. Then, we were suppose to act out what we accomplished.. *sounds easy?*.. Without words!!! It was a pretty exiting and fun experience for me. After that, we exchanged our gifts. Then, we wrote notes on colored papers and put them in envelopes to people among us who made a big difference. At about 5 pm, we headed back to our chalet to prepare for our Graduation Night. Everyone wore what we FEEL that represents ourselves and our accomplishments. Our graduation started at about 8pm. Lined up in a straight row, we proudly marched up with a lighted candle in our hands to the row of chairs in front of the audiences (our parents and siblings) and sat down. We were all acknowledged by some of our friends and parents. Each, we had the most wonderful certificate, nicely decorated, and a heart shaped balloon. We left back to our chalets and talked the whole night through. We all stayed up too to make a gift of appreciation for Auntie Janet and Uncle Sonny.

The following day, we spent time with our families making batik and visiting Paya Indah with them. In conclusion, I feel that my experience in the past eight months was a very memorable one. An experience which made an important change in MY life. I feel very proud to be part of this, and all of this is from the great deeds of Auntie Janet, Uncle Sonny, Auntie Wati and Uncle Sabri. And without the help of my wonderful friends, the GKC, I wouldn' t have graduated. I love you!

Written by:

Brenda, 13 years old.