Experience with Fire Fighters  

One fine Saturday morning, on the 13th of September the Bomba Unit of Subang Jaya visited our clubhouse to show us how to take preventive and proactive actions to avoid fire hazards in the house. All the Yas gathered in the clubhouse and were excited to meet them. Finally, at around 10.15am we saw a huge red vehicle, and it was the fire engine. All of us became more and more excited and everyone waited outside to greet the fire fighters. There were 7 of them, sergeant Tisin the head of department and corporal Kamaruddin along with the other 5 fire fighters. 

    To start it off, Amanda one of the Yac members gave the opening speech. After that we brought them in the house and showed them around. Sergeant Tisin was checking all the plugs and wires in the house. First he checked the computer area and all the plugs there were safe. Then he went into the kitchen and the TV room he reminded us not to put the mattresses in the TV room near the wires because the material is very easy to catch fire. After that he went upstairs to check the rooms and he told us not to insert too many plugs into one socket because excessive amount of electric can catch fire and also not to use extension plugs without sirim because it does not have approval. He also reminded us not to put materials that are easy to catch fire such as books, cushions, curtains and any kind of cloth. 

    After checking all the plugs and wires in the house, we went outside the house for some refreshments before we start the next program. After everyone settled down, Sergeant Tisin briefed us on how to prevent fire from happening and what are the proactive actions to take to avoid fire hazards in the house. After that he shared some of his experiences and tragedies that happened before he also said that Subang Jaya is an elite area and he is proud that there were no fire cases reported yet. 

    After the briefing, the fire fighters showed us the equipments inside the fire engine and showed us how to use it. Everyone was so amazed by the equipments and all of us got the chance to use it and sit in the fire engine. One of the fire fighters showed me the gas mask and put it on me. They also showed us their suit they wear which is called the asbestos suit. After that, all of us climbed up the fire engine for a group photograph. After they showed us all the equipments, there was a fire fighting demonstration on how 2 put off fire using the fire extinguisher. Everyone had a chance to participate. It was a great experience.  

   After all the demonstrations, lunch was being served. After that Anthony did the closing speech and handed in the certificate of appreciation. All of us were happy to meet the Bomba Unit and had a great time exploring the fire engine. I truly enjoyed myself and it is an experience that will never be forgotten.