Co-curricular activities and academics

I think that schools should have more activities in both academic and co-curriculum. Most schools provide basketball courts, football fields, netball hoops, swimming pools but do they actually ask a professional to guide and teach them?

        Yes, some may do so. But I have asked many of my friends, neighbours and pen-friends and most of them said their schools give them extra co-curricular activities but nobody is there to teach them how to shoot, jump, bounce and so on.

         Therefore, I guess schools should hire a professional to teach students to play games. This way, most students would enjoy their extra co-curricular activities more.

          In academic form, schools should have "extra-language" classes. A lot of students would like to learn more languages so that in future when they go overseas, it would be easier for then to communicate.

          Or maybe schools should give an option for students to take up musical instruments in school or "extra-language". As for musical instruments, they should start it when students are in secondary schools. This would make it easier for both sides. 

        Besides that, maybe schools may offer extra tuition after school. I believe if schools provide these facilities and students co-operate and work together, the school name would be well-known and students will grow up to be "all-rounded"

by Brenda Tan