Club House Launch

          31 August is always remembered as the day Malaysia gained independence .However, now 31 August is also a historic day in the GKC history books. This was the day that the Golden Kids Club became the Young Achievers Club, and the official launching of the clubhouse and website. 

          This was a big event for all of us .Datin Wendy and Datin Freida both were kind enough to officiate the clubhouse and website for us. Both of them gave extraordinary speeches with a deep meaning for all of us to learn from. Ribbons were cut, balloons were let go. That marked the launch of the clubhouse and website. Neighbors, teachers, fellow family members and special guests all witness this historic event. 

          However that wasn’t the end of the day. We spent the day showing all our guest the clubhouse and all the sections of the house. This was followed by lunch and a few karaoke sessions. Everybody was really having a lot of fun with the facilities here in the clubhouseIn the club house we have TV’s, computers, badminton courts, karaoke and basketball. Hurmmm.. really a kids paradise huh? Well that’s extremely right. 

          The YAC clubhouse is equipped with study materials, sport facilities and relaxing items. Everything a student needs to fulfill a schooling life. The clubhouse has a basketball and badminton court, table tennis, 4 computers with internet excess, TV, bedrooms, conference room ,living room and a kitchen. 

          Well, the night didn’t end young. After all guests had left, some Ya’s went off to have fun through out the night, while others had to study for upcoming trials. But whatever it was, this 31st August was indeed a memorable one not only was it Merdeka day, but also another day for all GKS’s (or Ya’s) to remember as the Clubhouse Launching.