29th May to 1st June 2004

Sunway Pyramid Shopping Complex

            Another successful Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Week 2004 (CSAAW 2004)! The Young Achievers’ Club (formerly known as the Golden Kids Club) joins hands with the KL YMCA Deaf Teens Club to organize CSAAW 2004 on behalf of the Malaysian Coalition for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse, in making the event a great one. This year, the theme was “Teens Take Charge” and the event was held in Sunway Pyramid Shopping Complex from the 29th of May till the 1st of June.  

            To attract teens to put their hands together in making a stand for the prevention of Child Sexual Abuse, one of the main highlights was the mini-Futsal Competition. Teens and children, boys and girls from schools and the public, aged 8-18 years old took part. All together, there were about 20 teams (Under-12 and Under-18), with 5 players in each team. It was extremely happening!  

            There were many passers-by and shoppers that stopped just to watch what was going on. They were all given flyers, brochures and information on the important facts, prevention tips and even help-lines regarding child sexual abuse. Besides that, surveys were carried out, mainly to teens, to test the knowledge of the public on child sexual abuse.  

And that was just to begin with.  

            Another highlight was the Treasure Hunt! Held on the last day, 1st June 2004, we had 8 teams from schools who were equipped with a guidebook and they had to search for clues on child sexual abuse hidden all around Sunway Pyramid! Time given: 5 hours. We had video cameras tracking their footsteps and their exiting race around the mall. It was definitely a very mind-boggling game.  

            At the same time, talks were given to teenagers and children on child sexual abuse. It definitely attracted many to come as many interesting games were played and goodies to be given away! Many curious shoppers also popped in to check out our exhibition boards which were very informative.  

            The KL YMCA Deaf Teens Club also raised funds for activities to be carried out in future for the prevention of child sexual abuse. They were selling handbooks and did nail and body art which were simply fantastic!  

            I can conclude that the whole Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Week of 2004 to be a great and wonderful one! I believe that we, the KL YMCA Deaf Teens Club and Young Achievers’ Club, had made a difference in educating and creating more awareness in the public, especially teens on issues of Child Sexual Abuse.  

Report YA Brenda Tan