Bronze trip at rebutia camp,gombak

Day 1 

It was 7 am in the morning, and already a huge buzz of excitement seemed to radiate within the gates of the Cempaka Damansara School. Students from both schools have gathered happily for the bronze camp at Gombak. After a few minutes of briefing and organizing, we were segregated into two groups and assigned our mode of transportation.

  As you would' ve imagined, the one-hour journey was definitely an enjoyable one. The excitement in the air could be felt with students giggling, laughing and chatting away like hooligans in a bus. My heart was full of anticipation-Rebutia we come!

  Soon, we arrived at the doorsteps of the camp. We were welcomed warmly by the friendly Layang group facilitators and were introduced to each and every one of them. Putting our luggage down, we started off by dividing ourselves into 6 different  teams . We were then asked to create our very own war cry, monument and theme song.

  I was indeed lucky to be in a team with absolutely amazing individuals. All high in spirits, the 10 of us came up with very creative ideas. I was in the "Makaka" (the scientific name for,huh?) team with other 3 Cherasans and 6 Damansarans. Although without much preparation, we managed to receive a huge applause from the audience. Hurrah!

  Later, all the 6 teams were divided into 2 bigger groups-Group A and Group B. The " Makaka" team was in Group A where the first activity on the agenda was abseiling and orienteering. Without haste, we got into our sporting gears and gathered in the hall. We started trekking.

  Finally after a tiring walk through a jungle pathway, stream crossing and a few hill climbing, we reached the footsteps of "sanctuary" .The waterfall was simply beautiful with crystal-clear water splashing from above. We were to climb up the hill and abseil down the waterfall. It was my turn.  I abseiled down very calmly while enjoying the beauty of nature-the sound of the splashing water and the drops of cool water caressing my face. Though, I slipped a few times as the rocks were really slippery and there was no actual footing. From then on, I was a little panicky and screamed all the way down. The climb down left me breathless and the icy-cold water made me shiver all the way to my spine.

  After a few swims in the river, it was time to head back to camp and indulge in the " tasty" dinner made. Having ourselves well cleaned, it was presentation night. The " Makaka" team came up with a comedy drama, which truthfully, was simply mediocre. All teams came up with equally simple presentations, as time was scarce.

  At about midnight, we went for a night walk through a different route. With the moon shining through the night, we trekked and saw glow-in-the-dark fungus. Thereafter, we drifted to slumber land. 


  With my eyes half-open, I dragged myself out of my sleeping bag and stared at my watch. Aaargh& it was already 7.15a.m! Quickly, l  washed up and practically sprinted to the meeting point for some morning exercise.  

  After breakfast, Group A and Group B swapped activities. It was our group' s turn to river-trek and learn a few survival skills.

   I, being my usual adventurous self had the most fun with a few of my friends. We were sitting at every "mini-waterfall" and spotting so called "marble" and "jade" rocks. Splashing water at each other, we truly enjoyed the beauty of the magnificent river.

  In a matter of minutes, we arrived at the spot where we were to learn and practice a few survival skills. Abang Sham, our facilitator for the day taught us how to trap animals, how to build a shelter; basically how to survive in the jungle.

  After the session of teaching, we were all tested on our level of comprehension by actually putting it to practice. Makaka did a terrific job in survival skills, I must say. Our efforts, climbing up the steep and muddy hill, getting our fingers pricked was all worthwhile. The trap we made was creative, we picked the best spot for our shelter, our egg was fairly cooked and best of all, and we received the Best Bread Award. Makaka rules!

  Subsequently, we ate lunch and packed up. Sad to say, it was already time to leave. Bid farewell, the Cherasans went on a different bus home. ADIOS! 

All I can say is it was indeed an enjoyable camp. I was very thankful that I was bestowed the opportunity to experience the beauty of nature and at the same time broaden my knowledge and meet new acquaintances. Next up, silver camp!