Battle Of The Siblings 

Some days you are sure your sib was put on this planet to annoy you. Unfortunately, every brother or sister knows which button to push certifiably to annoy you. Does any of the following sound familiar?
       In most cases, your sib is a 24/7 nightmare. You might even feel your baby sister should be stuffed inside her bedroom closet for the rest of eternity. But you may be able to see the positive side of having sisters and brothers, like free car rides and that essential player for a two-person Play-station game.
       It always happens when you just sat around whining and hoping your sibs stop harassing you. While the folks might tell you to ignore your sibs remarks and comments, that strategy..( as you know all too well) always fail.

       As tempting as it may be to blame your sibsfor 100 percent of the problem, that's often unfair. If someone finds out the problem and changes his or her attitude, maybe elder sisters or brothers would get less ticked off and maybe even communicate even better!
        Your parents may not tell you to tattle and told you not to intterupt them at work, don't hesitate to pick up the phone for serious situations. But there is a huge difference between " Steven won't let me watch TV" and "Steven sprained my arm". Tell your folks what is imporant and what is going on.
         Life will be much easier when your sibs get along peacefully. You'll love to hang out in the TV area without worrying of being tackled or teased. As impossible as it may seem, don't give up!In the mean time, think POSITIVE!!

--Brenda Tan--
Adapted from "The Girls Life Guide to growing up" by Karen Bokman and Alexis Sinex