Balik Kampung

Nine of the GKC presenterts went on a trip to Perak to celerate Hari Raya with Uncle Sabri, Auntie Wati and family.  

We took off at night, and the car broke down ! It was so cold in the streets  but it was a wonderful experience.We made it home at around 3 am. The next morning, we went to the market to buy ingredients for the preparation of food for Hari Raya. While the adults cooked, we watched, learned and helped.  

Of course, we played alot too.We went to feed fishes. We could hear the sound of firecrackers going off nearby. After that, we went to pay a visit to some unfortunate families in the area, bringing them gifts. They were poor but they looked happy because they were surrounded by family and they realised that peple cared for them.   

The next morning, it was Raya. We could see many people in beautiful baju kurungs and kebaya's. MMMMmmmm....the smell of the food was also great. Various kinds of food were placed on the table. We then visited relatives, and the principle of SKKD, our adopted school. Gifts were also given to two SKKD students.  

This was basicly our trip to Perak for Hari Raya. It was a really fun and exiting trip. If i had the choice, I'd say we should have stayed there longer!

by Brenda Tan