A Poem For A Friend

I see the tears in your eyes
I see the sorrow and anger all kept inside
I feel your pain
I feel your agony
I hear your cry
I hear your weeping
Oh, my dear friend,
I know everything that you are going through,
All the bitterness and hurt

Oh, world!
Why are you so cruel
Willing to give way to injustice
Shattering innocence
Creating misery?? 

Why can’t you hear our cries? 

For once,
Forget about your ego
Open up your heart
And just listen 

My dear friend
All that is in my heart
Is hope that one day
A bright star will shine for you
Keep on holding on,
Be strong
For one day
They shall realize
And then
We shall join hands,
And runthrough the meadows

…we are all here for you, waiting , to share our love and joy…. 

Originally composed with lots of love by SARAH CHEN