A Fire

Somewhere out there, an owl hooted. I opened my eyes from trying to sleep but the burden of stress was too heavy a load for me. The clock struck 12, telling me that I had eight hours more before it was time to clear my debts. Sigh!  If only deep, sweet midnight sleep could engulf me like how it rocked my family members who have all gone to bed. To make things worse, the weather condition tonight was hot and humid. I tried to sleep again but got out of bed a few minutes after. By this time, I was sweating. Suddenly, my senses became alive. I thought, " If I felt heat and smelt smoke,.my goodness! That' s fire!" 

            I shot out if my bedroom in pajamas and all, and found my parents and brother on the way to wake me up. Mum went downstairs to find out if the condition of the fire was bad and came back with news that there was no way out of the house from downstairs because the fire on the ground floor was too threatening. Each of us went to our respected rooms to look for an escape route but to our dismay, we were trapped in. The lock on our windows expanded in size.

            We alerted the neighbors by shouting through our grilled windows. Before long, our beloved neighbors came to help. I heard the sounds of them using a long metal pole to break through the door. A few strong and big-built men braved the fire to rescue the house' s occupants - namely, us. They also rescued our invalid father and together, we thanked God for his mercy once saved from the fire. While I informed the fire department about the incident, the rest of the neighborhood were busy helping us remove our valuable belongings from the house at the same time dampening my house to prevent he fire from spreading any further.            

            By the time the firemen and fire brigade came, the fire had already been extinguished. Still, they cleared the place and made sure nobody was hurt. After everything was calm again, my family and I thanked our neighbors. We were grateful for their help and concern. The head of our village even promised to help us rebuild our houses.

            It certainly pays to develop a good relationship with every neighbor in the village. They saved our lives and prevented a tragedy from happening.

Written by ,
Carissa Yap
17th January 2001