Society and Cultures

Geographia - great site with information on the people, history, wildlife, and points of interest for countries and regions around the world.


Atlapedia - contains full color physical and political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world.


World Heritage Sites - visit the natural and cultural sites which this organization has given special status to in order to preserve and protect them.


Islands of the World - tour tons of islands throughout the world on this cool student site!

Global Gang - real life news, great games, global gossip, and lots more fun for kids who are curious about kids in other cultures. Based on the international work of Christian Aid.


Classrooms of the Millennium - kids tell what it's like to be a kid in Russia, Thailand, and the USA


Family Traditions - check out folklore and traditions for all kinds of cultures. Find out how people all over the world celebrate birth, death, weddings, festivals, and much more.


Migrations in History - explore the movement of people, cultures, ideas, and objects across borders and time. Read articles, see photos, and find timelines.


On the Line - see how people in eight different countries on the meridian line share the same time of day but lead very different lives

Pulse of the Planet - check out today's two-minute sound portrait. Earth's nature, culture, and science are presented in interviews with extraordinary natural sound. From