Arts and Entertainment - this fun site lets you turn your words into secret messages! Simply type in your message, hit "scramble", and send it on to a friend to unscramble. Check it out!


All About Humor - join a ThinkQuest team as they teach you all about humor. Learn how humor's been used in history, how it actually makes you feel, and cool ways to use it. - check out these goofy pictures of goofy people making goofy faces. Ask your parents for permission and send in a picture of your own!


Smirk City - visit the different neighborhoods in this humorous town to see some hilarious jokes.

Caricature Zone - find caricatures of celebrities and discover an easy method of sketching faces.


Chunky Monkey Fan Club - cartoon and drawing lessons for kids, original stories, and a showcase for kids' art. There are also other fun activities.


Comic Strip, The - includes tons of comic strips.