Young Achievers' Club is an exclusive club for the leaders of tomorrow. It was set up in 1996 and was formerly known as Golden Kids Club. Its members are Malaysian Youth who were enrolled on selected basis based on their personality, high academic performance and active participation in community works. It started as an offspring of several Children's TV Shows in which the members were hosting. The Founders then embarked on a 15-year leadership-grooming programme to further enhance the potential of the then very young TV hosts. They are groomed to develop strong leadership qualities based on the 4 pillars that form the club's foundation. Parents, too, play a critical role in the members development & they are greatly involved in many of the club activities and training programme.


The 4 Pillars that form the Club's Foundation:

Pillar 1 - Community Consciousness
To develop awareness and empathy amongst the members for the world around them. i.e. Children, Seniors, Environment, Animals, Heritage & Culture, Social Issues.

Pillar 2 - School.
To support the members to enjoy learning, excel in school, and be a leader among their peers.

Pillar 3 - Family.
To facilitate bonding, and open communication among family members, and support parents in their efforts to create a loving and united family.

Pillar 4 - Self
To awaken the members' emotional quotient, to facilitate understanding and application of personal values and to help develop a sense of self-appreciation and self-worth.


The Young Achievers' Club is fully funded by two corporate companies namely Television Airtime Services Sdn Bhd and Kidz Studio Sdn Bhd. Both companies belong to the founders of the Young Achievers' Club. The funding covers all programmes and activities undertaken by the Club including giving financial assistance to members who are currently in Universities.


The members undergo specially designed structured developmental programmes, involving value-based experiential trainings and workshops, personalized coaching sessions, educational visits and tours & small group meetings. They are aimed to enable the members to be actively & continuously participate in community works and at the same time gain valuable living skills experiences. A group of experienced trainers are engaged to conduct the programmes, some of which are one-year in duration. The members graduated from each programme in a special ceremony. Examples of such year-long trainings are ;

1 - "If It's To Be, It's Up To Me"
2 - "Getting the Results"
3 - "Leadership in Real Life"

In the programme, the members are also required to attend lectures covering a wide range of topics including:

TV News Presentation
Techniques TV Script-writing Skills
Techniques in Master of Ceremony Skills
Business & Accounting
Law & You
Town & Regional Planning
Personal Grooming
Etiquette Skills
National Security
Construction Industry in Malaysia
Career as Orthopedic Surgeon