On 10th February 1985, Subee & Gheetha were blessed with a son, Syamalan Subramaniam the elder of two siblings. At the tender age of 3, Syamalan started showing his adaptive and leadership qualities in nursery. He attended primary school at SRK Seafield, There he was short-listed and selected by TAS TV Production as a GKN reporter in 1996 at the age of 11 being one of the pioneer members of GKN.

Besides reporting for GKN, Syamalan went on to acting in 2 Hari Raya specials, tailor-made for young viewers which were aired during the '96 and '97 Hari Raya period. As younger kids come into the programme, Syamalan went on to more serious activities such as being involved in production, web-site production, organization and special tasks which include interview leading personalities both in the business and government.

His activities in GKC also took him to overseas assignment and projects like the Iraq/Jordan trip early this year which was encouraged by YAB Datin Seri Dr. Siti Hasmah. This trip in particular was very demanding and challenging to Syamalan and the entire team as it was the project to a war torn country where Syamalan was needed to interact with the people of Iraq to gather information for a GKC documentary to be aired in Malaysia. In Iraq. Syamalan learnt the value of peace and prosperity, something he feels is taken for granted by teenagers in Malaysia. "You only realise how valuable something is, once its taken away from you" is what Syamalan believes.

Syamalan also shows his interest in environment, being present with his peers in Albany, Australia together with JEGOM (the junior Environmental Group of Malaysia) to an environment awareness programme for young people. The lesson Syamalan learnt an Albany was "We have only one home, Earth, cherish it today for the children of tomorrow" .

Last year during the Langkawi International Dialogue 2000, Syamalan "debuted" as  The Tarik Man a sketch "Malaysian Kids Behind the Scene". During the dialogue, Syamalan and his mates were seen mingling and having small-chatter with VIPs from all over the world.

The demanding environment and the duty Syamalan held in GKC has helped mould him to be a responsible and courteous gentleman he is today.

In addition to being active in GKC activities, Syamalan excels in his school. Despite the heavy schedule by GKC, Syamalan did well in his UPSR & PMR scoring straight A' s which brought pride to everyone. Syamalan is a sport enthusiast, winning trophies for football, basketball and throwball. . Syamalan also plays an important role in organising functions for the Leo club. In his free time, he is in the gym pumping iron or playing snooker with his friends.

Syamalan is a student at Sekolah Sri Cempaka Cheras.

To his "gang" the Young Achivers, he is the one with a bag of hearty jokes and the first of to jump into any fun-filled activity. He was presented with a bronze award in the Young Achievers 2000/2001 for his sacrifices and contributions towards GKC.