Name (as in IC/BC) : Sarah Chen Tzee Eien
Nickname : Sarah C
Date of birth : 16 June 1989
Email address : ,
Year joining YAC : GKN-1999, GKC-2000, YAC-2003


Participation in YAC activities:

i- National Level -

Community/Charity Works
BAKTI Deepavali Celebration 2001, 2004
Hari Kanak-Kanak Putrajaya
CSAAW 2002, 2003, 2004
CSAA Gala Dinner 2002
Visit to Lovely Nursing Home, Rumah Kanak-Kanak
Cacat Taman Megah
JYA Group Leader
A world through art- Yellowhouse+UNICEF (ICAF)
Grace Community Centre- Donations

Conference/Seminars attended
If it's to be, it's up to me, I am GKC 2002-2004
SUHAKAM Roundtable discussion
SUHAKAM CRC Workshop- Port Dickson
SUHAKAM CRC Seminar - Corus Hotel
Malaysian Govt- UNICEF Cooperation Programme
Reporting/TV Production Assignments
GKC scripts
TV Show Hosting
Golden Kids Club Host
TVIQ Kids Programme
RTM UNICEF Broadcasting Day- Point of View
RTM UNICEF Broadcasting Day - Dengarlah suara kami
TV Show Acting
NGO participation
Visit to Hong Leong Bank
Work Stint at Holiday Villa
1901 Bussiness- BOD
Trip to Langkawi

ii- International Level

Community/Charity Works
Conference/Seminars attended
Melaka International Youth Dialougue
Outward Bound School
Personal Development Leadership programe
TV Reporting/Production Works
TV Show Hosting
TV Show Acting


Examinations Achievement: i- School Level:
SPM (For those after SPM, please state name of University/College & Course you are taking)

ii- International Level & Non-academic Related:
English exams
Preliminary English Test - Distinction
First Certificate in English - Distinction
Certificate of Advanced English - Distinction


Computer Exams
Science Exams Australian Math Olympiad - Credits

Music Exams
Grade 1 Theory -Distinction
Grade 3 Practical - Distinction
Grade 3 Theory - Distinction
Grade 4 Practical - Distinction
Grade 5 Theory - Distinction

Sports Exams etc


Career Ambition:

To be among the Top corporate Leaders of the world(Bussinesswoman)- Field Options: Law and Finance, Mass. Com , Venture Capital



Reading, Writing, Dance, Spending quality time with friends and family, Sports, TV presenting, Advocating rights(debates)


Life Ambition:

Family Level
To be a successful family in all aspects: health, wealth, mind and soul. To achieve a level of contentment as a family, and to continue to build and maintain strong family bonds.

Community Level
To be an asset to the community, by contributing my energy, Knowledge and wealth with others. To help those in need, to achieve philantropist status. Focus: children

International Level
To be one of the most influential and successful corporate leaders of the world. To own an internationally reknowned chain of businesses around the globe. B. To contribute my energy in resolving social issues to do with children.


Hope & wishes For children in Malaysia
To continue to grow in a safe and healthy environment, happily. To form generations of future leaders, united as Malaysians.

For children of the world
For all of them to be happy and healthy. To be able to lead a comfortable life, loved and treated fairly by all. To be heard and taken seriously.

For the world at large
For there to be love all around, peace, understanding and acceptance among all.