Melissa, affectionately known as Mel, by her friends was born on the 4th of March 1990.  Her cheerful disposition and friendliness has made her well liked amongst her peers.  Although being an only child, this 13-year-old pre-teen is very independent and full of self-confidence. Her easy going and warm personality stand above her good qualities.  She is also an avid animal lover. 

Melissa joined the speech & drama class at a young age of 7 and her oratory skill has won her numerous awards for story-telling and poetry recital throughout her primary years.  Being very creative and the love of art have also won her a number of prizes at art competitions at the same tine.  As an active young lady, her hobbies include swimming, jazz dancing, track & field event and table-tennis.  Currently a brown belt holder for Taekwondo, she is also a member of the school badminton team.  Apart from being in the school choir and interact club, she has also taken part in choral speaking.  Presently she is attending a public speaking and creative writing class.  Singing and music play an important part in her life. During her free time, she plays the piano, clarinet and attends drum lessons. 

Apart from all the activities, Melissa manages to perform well academically and scored straight As in her recent UPSR examination.  Her school, Sekolah Sri Cempaka Cheras, presently awards her a full scholarship.  She has also been awarded certificates of credit (English & Math) in the International Examination from the University of Cambridge and the University of New South Wales. 

Melissa joined the GKC family when she was 10 years old after going through interviews followed by intensive training sessions.  Her experience in TV broadcasting includes having interviews with various personalities including an opportunity of meeting various VIPs namely the Prime Minister, YAB Dato Seri Dr. Mahatir Mohamad, YAB Dato Seri Dr. Siti Hasmah and a number of lady ministers. 

Her community contributions include taking part as communities volunteer to donate food and goodies to the street people, an event organized by the Grace Community Church.  At the same time Melissa has taken part in various charity projects including visits to the hospitals and old folks homes.  She was particularly moved by the care and attention given to the aged and sick during her first ever visit to an old folks home.  Other events she has participated include the Children' s Day celebration by BAKTI and the "Say Yes for Children" an event attended by the Prime Minister and the First Lady in       2001.  She and her GKC team mates recently helped in a fund raising event for the Malaysian Coalition for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse (MCPCSA) in December 2002 which saw a sum of RM 400,000 being raised.   

The numerous workshops she has participated in have certainly help her in achieving better understanding and responsibilities in her everyday life.  One such motivational workshop is " If Its To Be, Its Up To Me" in 2002.  She has also completed a sign-language class and awarded a certificate in Basic Sign Language in 2002.  Her latest participation was acting and singing in the school choir for the Global Peace Campaign held in KLCC for the NAM 2003 delegates. 

Although encouraged to follow her father' s footstep to be a lawyer, Melissa has aspired to be a surgeon.  Her philosophy in life " set your goals and achieve them the best you can" .