Name (as in IC/BC) : Marisha Naz binti Shakil Ahmad
Nickname : Marsh
Date of birth : 11th April 1989
Email address :
Year joining YAC : 2001

Participation in YAC activities:

i- National Level -

Community/Charity Works

1. 11/5 - CSAAW 2003" Take Charge" launch & Press Conference at Cempaka Cheras
2. 18/5 - CSAAW 2003 finale at Cempaka Cheras (food-stalls & exhibitions
3. 3. lovely nursing home trip (2003)
4. May 2003 - "Football Fiesta" Hotlink Proposal
5. 24/7 - Hari Kanak-kanak BAKTI 2003 @ Sri Perdana 5. 8/11 2003 - Work stint at Holiday Villa
6. CSAAW 2004 Press Conference at YMCA
7. May 2003 - "Football Fiesta" Hotlink Proposal
8. 28/9 2003 - Jogathon/Walkathon with the Disabled @ Dataran Merdeka
9. CSAAW 2004 at Sunway Pyramid
10. 2004- Pusat Penjagaan Kanak Kanak Cacat Taman Megah Charity Funfair 11. HANDMADE GREETING CARDS FOR IRAQI CHILDREN-Pusat kraft tangan negara
12. BAKTI celebrations 2004
13. CSAAW press conference at Kidz Studio 2003
14. Yellow House Arts Olypmiad selection at Subang Parade (2003)
15. Yellow house millennium goals art day with orphans (2002)
16. Oct 2002 - Yellow House meetings re: Art Festival
17. 31/8 2004 - Merdekaday Celebration cum Club House Launch
18. 1901-bord member (2002-2003)
19. 2003- Street walk (grace community-not sure) donations to street people
20. Member recruit at Mt Kiara flea market 2002
21. MCPCSA card sales-A&W
22. BUka puasa with orphans (RACTAR)

Conference/Seminars attended

1. Aunty JAnets programme(2002-2004)
2. Bengkel National Plan of Action 2003(sepang)
3. Childrens day radio 4 interview(2003)
4. Forum Khass kanak-kanak sempena 'International Brodcasting day for children'
5. CRC workshop at CORUS hotel inconjustion with childrens day
6. CRC 'train the trainers workshop' PD 2004
7. SUHAKAM round table disccusion-2004
8. UNICEF child participation workshop trainer - PD
9. Asian International Brodcasting Network Youth example.


Reporting/TV Production Assignments
TV Show Hosting

1. GKC show (2001-2002)
2. TVIQ science capsules (2003)
3. GKC hari raya promo 2003


TV Show Acting

Zoolantara episode (2002)


NGO participation

1. Point of view RTM 2 (2003)
2. Childrens day radio 4 interview(2003)
3.Forum Khass kanak-kanak sempena 'International Brodcasting day for children'


ii- International Level - Community/Charity Works
Conference/Seminars attended

1. International Young People and Childrens forum -Korea (2003)
2. World Summit for children and adolescence on Media-Brazil (2004)
3. Malaysian International Youth Dialogue (2004)
TV Reporting/Production Works
TV Show Hosting
TV Show Acting


Examinations Achievement:

i- School Level:
UPSR 5a's
PMR 8a's
(For those after SPM, please state name of University/College & Course you are taking)


ii- International Level & Non-academic Related: English exams
1. SE (Spoken English) High Distinction
2. PET Pass with Merit (highest obtainable mark)
3. FCE - A
4. CAE - A
5. Exam of New south Wales - Credits

Computer Exams

Science Exams

Music Exams
1. Grade 1 ABRSm(theory) - merit
2. Grade 2 ABRSM(theory)- distinction

Sports Exams etc Taekwondo - taken all exams until red black

Career Ambition:
Politician / business in media

Dancing, playing sports,youth programmes , music

Life Ambition:
Family Level

Stick together as a family and achieve an open and stabil relationship with parents/siblings. To support and help each other in time of need.

Community Level
Be an activist. Get involve in many community programs to promote the motion. Be able to give my services to the community whilest having fun. Inprove the quality and the close-ness of the community despite the career driven world.

International Level
Play a role in making decisions internationally, having a wide connection with international agencies to work out a first of its kind international programme for youth.

Hope & wishes:
For children in Malaysia

To come out of their box and start thinking towards a vision of the future. Hoping that the children of Malaysia will stop all the bad habits and shift towards a country with self motivated and self driven youths. To live and love with out the count of gender , race or religion.

For children of the world
My hopes are so that every child is able to have basic survival needs all over the world. For children to be 'excused' from the side effects of war and adult games. To put an end to poverty amongst children and to aware the children about aids/HIV. I hope that every child is able to smile and feel loved everyday by day

For the world at large
I really hope that the world will be able to put their differences aside and look at each other as equals and not label any region any different from the other. For countries to have good relationships with each other for the benefit of the people. And also for people in general to realize everyone has a role to play in making this world better. So that everyone is civic conscious and treats people the way they want to be treated. I hope that people will learn to give and not expect anything in return and always put in mind others before themselves. I hope the world will also become more environmentally friendlier as we go in to the next era. I hope that people and gov bodies will take the environment seriously and help restore mother nature.